Secret of the Silver Blades Walkthrough: Introduction

secret-of-the-silver-blades-main-screenThe third game in the series you can import your characters from the previous game Curse of the Azure Bonds to continue their adventure.

This game is also more of dungeon crawl than its predecessors. Using the town of New Verdigris as a base your party will spend most of it’s time clearing successively more difficult levels of the mines below the town. Some of these maps are no longer the 16×16 squares of the past games but are now hacked to be allot more complex making mapping both harder an more essential than ever.

The gold box engine has seen a couple of minor improvements the main one being mouse support and additional spells made available with the increase in level caps but is mostly unchanged.

Creating your party: The level cap on non humans now unfortunately makes them non viable choices (even as multiclass). This makes humans using the (relatively clunky) dual class option the more powerful choice. A sample party that could be used in the adventure that balances power from the start to the end:

  • Human Paladin
  • Human Paladin
  • Human Fighter / Thief (Dual Class*)
  • Human Fighter / Cleric (Dual Class*)
  • 2 X Human Fighter / Mage (Dual Class*)

*Pick human for theses characters at creation and immediately dual class them using the “Human change class” option at the training hall.

How to Play on Modern Systems: Whilst the Amiga version of the game is superior in both sound and graphics, to get it running you will need an emulator along with some skill to configure it correctly. If you don’t already have such a setup the easiest accessible version of the game is the remastered MS-DOS one which is available for purchase from GOG.

An advantage to using the GOG version is that you will be able to use the excellence Gold Box Companion add on. The features that this program adds to the game are too numerous to list but include auto mapping, HUD display and will give you quality of life improvements not available till latter games in the series.

Other Details:

  • Game Setting: Dragonspine Mountains, Forgotten Realms
  • First Published: 1990
  • Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc
  • Engine: Gold Box
  • Released Platforms: Amiga, C64, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, NEC PC-9801.