Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Civilised Area, New Phlan

New Phlan is the area that civilisation has carved out of the monster-controlled areas of Old Phlan. This location is your base of operations for the adventure and contains the city council clerk who will give you quests to help reclaim Phlan from the the evil forces currently in control. Also located here is the training hall that will let you increase the level of your adventurers, the hiring hall in which you can hire NPCs to help in tough battles, shops to purchase equipment, temples for healing and Inns to rest in.pool-of-radiance-civilized-area

Map Locations

1. Boat: Catch a boat here to take you to Sokal Keep. After Sokal Keep is cleared, you may also take the boat into the wilderness to the east or to the west.

2. Passenger Dock: This is where you tell the boat man your destination and pay your passage when travelling into the wilderness.

3. Temple of Tyr: Healing services are available here (all temples have the same services and charge the same amount).

4. Bishop Braccio’s Office: Here, you can meet Bishop Braccio, leader of the temple of Tyr in New Phlan.

5. Dueling & Hiring Hall: Here individual members of the party can duel pool-of-radiance-duelto gain 100 experience points (not really worth it). The party can also hire NPCs to help on their adventures they receive a cut of the treasure before you get yo even see it but can still be useful in tight fights. The “Hero” npcs you can hire comes with high level magic equipment that can be yours if you “accidentally” hit him enough times to kill him whilst adventuring.

6. Clerical Training: Characters that are clerics or clerical split classes can train here.

7. Magic User Training: Characters that are magic users or magic user split classes can train here.

8. Fighter Training: Characters that are fighters or fighter split classes can train here. 9. Thieves Training: Characters that are thieves(politely called rogues) or thief split classes can train here.

10. Temple of Sune: Healing services are available here (all temples have the same services and charge the same amount).

11. City Park: Nothing of interest

12. The Entrance To The City Hall: Proclamations of the City Council are posted on the wall here.pool-of-radiance-clerk

13. The Clerk of the City Council: The clerk is a source for information on missions that have been authorized by the city council and gives out rewards for completed missions.

14. Junior Councilman’s Office: You can meet Candora here when it is time to complete his quest to recover his families lost treasure

15. Senior Councilman’s Office: Candora now a senior council member will summon you here and given you the diplomatic mission to the Zentil Keep Outpost

16. Head Councilman’s Office: Once you have completed enough quests you will be summoned here and given the mission to take Stojanow Gate

17. City Council Chambers: After you have taken Stojanow Gate you will be summoned here and given your final mission to storm Valjevo Castle and defeat the Boss

18. Temple of Tempus: Healing services are available here (all temples have the same services and charge the same amount).

19. Inns: Heroes can rest and heal at these inns without interruption.

20. Taverns: Heroes can gamble, hear tavern tales and get into brawls (which are worth experience points but not enough to justify the hassle) at these taverns.

pool-of-radiance-silver-shop21. Arms & Armour Shop: Weapons and armour are available here. All shops charge the same prices.

22. General Items Shop: These shop sell mirrors, flasks of oil, holy symbols and vials of holy water. None of these items really have much impact during our testing.

23. Silver Shop: These shops sell silver weapons, silver armour, silver jewellery and a fine composite bow. Of these only the bow is really worth purchasing the other items appear to not do anything.

24. Jewellery: This shop sells expensive jewellery to allow rich heroes to conveniently carry their money. Jewellery ranges from 75-50,000 gold pieces in value, however once you can afford this amount money is no longer an issue and you are probably leaving it on the ground more times than not.pool-of-radiance-tunnel-to-slums

25. Slums: Go through this tunnel to enter The Slums

Random Monster Encounters

There are no random monster encounters and you don’t need to clear the civilised block. You can get in fights with the city guards but the penalty (losing access to all services) is not worth the small xp gains.