Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Wealthy Area and Temple of Bane

The great temple of Il-Mater has been converted to the worship of the evil god Bane. Bishop Bracclo from the temple of Tyr will give you the help of Dirtan a 6th level cleric to help clear the temple and find the lost artefacts of Il-Mater.

The leader of the temple of Bane is a half orc cleric, Mace who leads a motley group of cultists and slaves out of the temple whilst living in the adjacent wealthy area.

pool-of-radiance-wealthy-area1. Mansion Entrances: As soon as you enter this building orc guards will attack.

2. Hidden Treasures: Mace has hidden his loot throughout the mansion. Search the rooms to find minor treasure and one random magic item

3. Goblin Slaves: Free the slaves and they will tell you that to enter the temple your party needs a holy symbol of Bane. These are obtainable from the random encounters that have four orc follows of Bane.

4. Mansion Guards: Ogre and orc guards will attack you here upon entering.

5. Manor Guards: More guards will attack you at this point.

6. Orc Bedroom: If you search here the beds owners (a group of orcs) will return and attack.

7. Orc Jail: There is a message here that appears to be a clue but is probably false

8. Exit to Kovel Mansion

9. Exit to Wilderness

10. Exit to Temple of Bane: See below for the area map and walkthrough.

pool-of-radiance-temple-of-bane11. Temple Entrance: A blind orc is here if you have the leather holy symbol he lets you in. If not then you have to fight some guards. If you leave the temple before finding all three treasures or defiling the altar Mace will attack you with his followers here.

12pool-of-radiance-temple-of-bane-mace. Hidden Treasures: Search the temple to find the three hidden treasures which include: two Clerical Scrolls, a Magic User Scroll, a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Speed, a Wand of Magic Missiles, Dust of Disappearance, Hand Axe +1, Dagger +1, Hammer +1, Mace +1, Morning star +1, Scimitar +1, Spear +1, and Short Sword +1. Once all three are found Mace and his followers will attack you (if you haven’t already defeated them).

13. Altar: If you defile the temple of Bane Mace and his followers will charge into the temple and attack.

One you defeat Mace (make sure to take his Mace +1 from the loot) Dirtan the Cleric will remain at the temple to begin rebuilding.

14. Exit to Wealthy Area: See above for the walkthrough and guide of the area.