Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Buccaneers Base

During one their recent raids the buccaneers located in this base have kidnapped the heir of the House of Bivant. Their are three ways to complete this mission involving varying degrees of bloodshed:

  1. Get access to the captain and buy the boys freedom
  2. Cause a animal stampede to cover freeing the boy and escape the camp with minimal fights
  3. Kill all the buccaneers clearing the camp and freeing all the captives

Once you have completed one of these return to the council clerk for a reward.pool-of-radiance-buccaneers-base


1. Front Gate: This is only exit from the base back to the wilderness, there are always guards here unless you cause an animal stampede.

pool-of-radiance-buccaneer-base2. Merchant’s Camp Area: Safe area to rest (as long as you haven’t attacked the buccaneers)

3. Captain’s Guards: Captains Guards are here they will let you through if you have the fake pass from location 10. If you try to force your way in the base will turn hostile. Killing them here or latter they have Long Swords +1 and Chain Mail +1 .

4. Captains Quarters: If you get access to here via the fake pass you can buy the boy or attack him so you won’t have to fight him when attacking the camp he drops Plate Mail +3, Long Sword +4, and a Shield +2 .

5. Buccaneer Barracks: If you try to force your way in the base will turn hostile

6. Guard Towers: If you try to force your way in the base will turn hostile

7. Animal Pen: Releasing the animals here will cause a stampede allowing you to use the diversion to rescue the heir and quickly leave the area with minimal fights

pool-of-radiance-buccaneer-base-heir8. Slave Pen: The heir is held prisoner here if you look in the pen a sleazy merchant will make a comment about buying him. Punching the merchant will cause a minor fight but not turn the camp hostile.

9. Slave Pen Guards: These guards will leave if you cause an animal stampede.

10. Smuggler: You can buy the pass to see the captain from the smuggler here.