Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Sorcerers Island Pyramid

As you can see from the map this area is a complex maze filled with teleporters the quickest way through is to:

  1. Move down the main corridor to the first alcove, turn right and move forward and then teleport at location A0.
  2. Move down the hall turn right at the intersection and then move to the end of the hall to A2.
  3. Throw a stone and then teleport.
  4. Follow the corridor to A4.
  5. Throw a stone and then teleport.
  6. Move down the hall to A6.
  7. Throw a stone and then teleport.
  8. You are now on the third level at A7

pool-of-radiance-sorcerers-island-level-1 1 Partial Map of the Pyramidpool-of-radiance-pyramid-priest

2. Priest: Here you meet a priest who has gone slightly crazy. If you Parlay using Nice he will show you a way out of pyramid.

3. Secret Door

4. Exit to Wilderness

pool-of-radiance-sorcerers-island-level-2-35. Mutant Lizard Men: Search here will find mutated lizard men unfortunately no matter what you do they will attack.

6. Lizard Men Prisoners: Parlay Nice to them and they will will leave you alone stating that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

pool-of-radiance-pyramid-machine7. Secret Doors

8. Password Locked Door: Depending on the version of the game you are using the password  “NOKNOK” might be “NOTNOW” in some versions of the game.

9. Machinery Room: Smash the equipment and leave before it explodes to end the poisoning of the river.

pool-of-radiance-pyramid-lizard-men 10. Captured Lizard Men: Parlay Nice to them and they will give you a code word that you can latter use in the Lizard Man Keep.

11. Yarash’s Office: The evil sorcerer Yarash and his Mutant Lizard Man guards will attack you as you enter the room. Loot after the battle includes Bracers of AC 4, 2 Potions of Healing, a Wand of Paralyzation, and a Potion of Speed. After the battle here use the dial to teleport to treasure rooms for random magical treasures (order Copper, Silver Gold then Blue to teleport back to the entry)