Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Sokal Keep

The fortress of Sokal Keep on Thorn Island dominates the seaward passage into and out of Phlan. Humanity made its last stand at Sokal Keep during the fall of Phlan. The Keep is now haunted and is not currently controlled by either the Boss or the forces of New Phlan.

The spirits from the fortress are disrupt shipping and keep traders from coming to New Phlan. It is important to the cit future of the city to clear Sokal Keep of its haunting inhabitants to bring commerce back and allow the city to grow

pool-of-radiance-sokal-keep 1. Dead Elf: Search the dead elf and find the scroll on his body with three code words in elvish, the code wheel translates them as: LUX, SHESTNI, and SAMOSUD.

2. Undead Patrol Area: The inner Keep is patrolled by small groups of skeletons and zombies. Before you go into the chapel the patrols will leave you alone if you parlay with them and say SHESTNI. After speaking with Ferran Martinez you must parlay with them and say SAMOSUD. If you defeat four patrols the current supply of undead is exhausted. If you leave the Keep and return, the undead patrols return to full strength.pool-of-radiance-sokal-keep-dead-elf

3. Scorpions: Scorpions will attack you here no treasure will be dropped

4. Fungus: Nothing interesting here

5. Poisonous Frogs: The frogs will attack you whilst you’re in this room. Try to not let them get near you (they are vulnerable to sleep) as their attack can be lethal with one hit. Search the room for a Hammer +1.

pool-of-radiance-sokal-keep-hobgoblins6. Hobgoblin and Orc Assault: Word of your mission has reached the Boss and he has sent a large force of Hobgolblins and Orcs to stop you. Be ready for your largest fight yet with disabling spells like sleep at the ready.

7. Haunts: Wailing spirits of the defenders of Sokal Keep inhabit this room. If you parlay and speak the password LUX, they will tell you their story, search the room to find some gems.

pool-of-radiance-sokal-keep-ferran8. Fenan Martinez: Ferran Martinez has transformed himself into a spectre and bound his form here in order to power the supernatural defences of Sokal Keep. You can fight him to clear the area (very difficult) or take the smarter approach and Parlay with him using the codeword LUX. Tell him the truth when he asks about the state of the city and he will release himself and the keep from the curse.

9. The Armoury: The illusionary section of wall in the northeastern corner hides the entrance into the secret treasure room.

10. Secret Treasure Room: In the north-west corner of this room, you will a shield +1, a long sword +1, chain mail +1, and a mace +2