Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Podol Plaza

Podol Plaza has always been the bustling heart of commerce in Phlan, and remains so even under monstrous occupation. Where before the trade was in textiles and the like, today it is largely in less savoury items. If you have been given the quest to investigate the auction choose the disguise option upon entering the map. If you fight any monsters whilst on the map your disguise will be lost and you will have to leave and reenter the map.

pool-of-radiance-podol-plaza1. Minor Temple of Bane: If the party is disguised you can be offered a job in the larger Bane temple. Otherwise you will need to fight the minions of Bane stationed here.

2. The Pit: When you enter the bar here you are given the option to duel a buccaneer if you agree and win the loot will include a Long Sword +1 and Chain Mail +1. After the duel you’ll be given a couple of options which will lead to you either drinking heavily and passing out losing all your money or fight the patrons of the bar gaining you another Long Sword +1 and Chain Mail +1.

3. The Secret Temple of Il-Mater: This temple is behind a pair of wizard-locked doors. If the party can get through the doors they are offered standard healing services and a place to rest.pool-of-radiance-podol-plaza-auction

4. The Auction: When the party is on the mission and they enter these squares, the auction commences. Watch and listen at the auction to learn information on the item once the auction is over return to the city council for your reward. The item that is being auctioned is random and there is no way for you to acquire it.

5. Exit to Stojanow Gate

6. Exit to Kuto’s Well

7. Exit to Candorna Textile House

8. Exit to Wilderness