Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Mendor’s Library

Before the fall of Phlan Mendor’s Library was one of the great centres of knowledge in all the Moonsea reaches. Your mission is to search for and recover any valuable tomes remaining in the library and return them to the Council.

pool-of-radiance-mendors-library 1. History Section: Search this area until you find the books Lex Geographica, History of the North and Grand Historian’s Records of the Arts of War.

pool-of-radiance-mendors-library-basilisk2. Rhetoric Section: A Basilisk lives in this part of the library kill it as fast as possible to prevent any of your adventurers being turned to stone (they can be healed at a temple). In the loot you will find a Cloak of Displacement (+2 AC) and one clerical scroll with two restoration spells on it.

3. Philosophy Section: Search this area until you find the books Pyerdeth’s Discourses on Power, Urgund’s Descriptions of Darkness, Chronicles of Arram, The Harmony of the Rock , Meditations and Strom’s Discussions of Poetics

4. Mathematics Section: No special books here.

5. Storeroom: A group of scared kobolds can be found here. Talk to them and they’ll give you a map to part of the Cardona Textile House.

pool-of-radiance-mendors-mad-man6. Madman in Corner: You can talk to the madman and listen to his ramblings. He can be convinced to join your party but will run away in every fight and when you are in the Civilised area he will start attacking people leading to confrontations with the guards. There is no way I know of to heal him so best just to leave him alone.

7. Master Scribe’s Chamber: Search this room until you find the Manual of Bodily Health. If you use the manual and then rest for 31 days undisturbed (the inn is ideal) the characters constitution will be raised by 1 point.

8. Librarian’s Chamber: Search this room to find 3 potions of extra healing

9. Garden: No treasure here best to move on

pool-of-radiance-mendors-librarian10. The Librarian: When you try to exit the library with any books you will be attacked by the spectre of the librarian. He can only be damaged with magic or magical weapons and drains levels on each hit so throw everything at him to beat him ASAP. If any of your characters lose levels use the restoration scroll from location 2 or visit a temple for healing.

11. Exit to Kuto’s Well

12. Exit to Candorna Textile House