Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Lizard Man Keep

The tribe of lizard men based out of this castle have started to raid travellers and the city council is worried that they will join the Boss. You have been given you the job of “dealing” with them. This can be achieved by destroying them or making an alliance with their leader yourself. Whilst in the keep magic will not work.

pool-of-radiance-lizard-man-keep-dualShortly after entering the Keep the old leader will approach if you use the password SAVIOR he will explain the situation and request that you duel his challenger. If you win the duel the old leader will ensure that the lizard men will agree to not join the boss. Return to the city council for your reward.

If you want to destroy the lizard men all encounters in the map must be cleared.pool-of-radiance-lizard-men-keep

 1 Holes: If you search at these location you will find tunnels that lead from the surface to the catacombs. Giant lizards will attack you immediately the first time you go through one of these tunnels into the catacombs

2. Stairs to Catacombs

3. Exit to the Wilderness

pool-of-radiance-lizard-men-catacombs4. Pools: Each of these pools is guarded by a group of lizard men who will attack when you are nearby. If you search the pools without defeating the guards they will injure your party and prevent you from finding any treasure. However if you successfully confront and eliminate the guards search the pool for minor treasures including a Shield +2.

5. Stairs Back to the Surface