Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Kuto’s Well

Kuto’s Well is a source of fresh water for many of the monsters in the area leading to it being relatively neutral and peaceful. The infamous bandit Norris The Gray and his bandit gang use this area as a base of operations to harass the citizens of New Phlan and the monsters alike. The council clerk will pay a bounty to any party that finds and eliminates the bandit menace.  pool-of-radiance-kutos-well1. Sickly Kobolds: Fight or let them flee

2. Kobold Guards: If you search near any of these buildings the guards will attack

pool-of-radiance-kuto-well-norris-the-gray3. Kuto’s Well: If you search or attempt to enter the well kobolds will attack. Enter the well to access the catacombs and find Norris the Grey.

4. Lizard Man Patrol: A patrol consisting of a lizardman and giant lizards guard the hag behind the door.

5. Hag: She will give you the prophecy “An evil spirit from an unholy pool guides your enemies. It hides behind a fair countenance. Be not deceived.” before disappearing. Search the room to find Quarter Staff +1, Banded Mail +1 and Bracers of AC 4

pool-of-radiance-kutos-well-catacombs6. Ladder: Use the ladder here to climb back above ground

7. Kobold Archers: They will fire at you causing damage until Norris is defeated at location 8.

pool-of-radiance-kuto-well-norris-the-gray8. Norris The Gray: You will find Norris and his band here (more accurately they find you) he will give you the option of surrendering if you do you will be dropped off above ground minus all you treasure. Defeating him will give you a Long Sword +1 in his loot, the ability to rest uninterrupted in the well and a reward from the Clerk in Phlan.

9. Norris the Gray’s Loot: Search this area to find Norris The Gray’s loot (money etc).

10. Entrances to The Slums

11. Entrance to Mendor’s Library

12. Entrance to Podol Plaza