Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Kovel Mansion

The main thieves guild of Phlan has taken over the ancient mansion of the Kovel family. The thieves act as spies and information brokers for many forces in the city. Your mission is to clear out the thieves guild from the Mansion by defeating the encounters at locations 5 and defeating those that individually ambush you.

You cannot rest in the mansion until the area is cleared you should also always have search activated to help spot traps before they are sprung.pool-of-radiance-kovel-mansion

1. Pile of Weapons and Shields: Search first to disable the trap then loot for the following items: cursed broad sword -2, chain mail +1, a shield +2, a short sword +1, a scimitar +1, a morning star +1, a hammer +1, and a dagger +1.

2. A Pair of Thieves: Here you discover a pair of thieves who bolt for the door follow them to location 3.

3. Thieves Split Up: if you follow the thief to the East you will end up at location 4. If you follow the thief going South you will end up at location 5.

4. Single Thief: Here you corner the single thief

5. Second Ambush: The majority of the thieves will attack you including the guild leaders.

6. Information: Search here for the intelligence collectepool-of-radiance-kovell-mansion-old-thiefd by the thieves

7. Old Thief: Save the old thief here to be rewarded with information

8. Loot: Search here for some miscellaneous loot (not useful).

9 Information: Search here for the intelligence collected by the thieves

10. Loot: Search the caskets for loot.

11. Loot: Search the cabinet for loot including two clerical scrolls and four magic user scrolls

12. Loot: A pile of thieves treasure including a Short Sword +2 and Leather Armor +4

13. Cabinets: The cabinets here contain information and minor treasure

14 Exit to the Wilderness

15 Exit to the Wealthy Area