Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Kobold Cave

The Boss is rumoured to be be trying to recruit the large tribe of kobolds that live in this cave. Your mission is to stop this happening by killing the Kobold King and the Bosses envoys. There are actually two cave entrances one big and another small that you can use to enter this dungeon. Note it is impossible to rest whilst in the caves.

pool-of-radiance-kobold-caves 1. Hidden Water Trap: A character falls into a hole possibly losing money and items.

2. Discarded Map: Map of the kobold cavespool-of-radiance-kobold-cave-wyvern

3. Kobold: He will try and lead you to wyvern or pull a trap

4. Net Trap: Kobolds attack after the trap is sprung

5. Spike Trap: Damages the party

6. Drunk Kobold: If you enter via the Wyvern cavesĀ  he will think you are the envoys and lead you safety to the king.

7. Wyvern: A wyvern will attack you here beat it before it poisons your party it is vulnerable to stinking cloud.

pool-of-radiance-kobold-cave-princess-fatima8. Wyvern Treasure: The wyverns treasure is located here containing random magical items

9. Wounded Kobold: Search here to find a crippled kobold give him water and he will tell you his story and share some information on the kobold caves.

10. Princess Fatima: Free her and she will join your party whilst in the kobold caves

pool-of-radiance-kobold-cave-envoy11. Throne Room: Here you will be attacked by three waves of enemies including kobolds, trolls, wild boars and human fighters (the envoys). Heal your party before ending combat as the next wave will start immediately after leaving it. The envoys will drop 2 x Two-Handed Swords +2.

12. Kings Guard: Fight the kings guard here

13. Kobold King: He is already dead here you can return to Phlan for your reward

pool-of-radiance-kobold-cave-efreeti14. Efreeti Bottle: Search here to find the efreeti bottle that the Silver Dragon asked you to recover. Do not say you are vampires or it will attack you.

15. Kobold Treasure: Search here for the kobold treasure trove which includes 2 magic user scrolls.

16. Map to Nomad Camp: Search her to find a map to the nomad camp.