Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Candorna Textile House

Junior Councilman Cadorna is the last heir to the original Cadorna family treasure which was hidden in his families textile complex prior to Phlans fall. He had sent one of his men to the ruined remains of his family’s holdings but the man has not returned. Cadorna will hire the party to go to the textile house with the aim of finding both his man and recovering his family treasure.pool-of-radiance-cadorna-textile-house

pool-of-radiance-textile-house-thieves1. Dry Well: This well is the secret entrance to an underground Thieves’ Guild. A thief may attempt to descend and meet the Guild Master. If the party is on Cadorna’s mission the guild master will offer to guide the party into the Textile house. If the party visits the thieves after it has recovered Cadorna’s treasure you can bring to them to open and replace the seal.

2. Hobgoblin Barracks: The hobgoblin’s main garrison is quartered here

3. High Priestess Grishnak: Fight the priestess and her congregation here in this makeshift temple to get the brass key to free Skull Crusher (location 4), two magic user scrolls and a cursed necklace.

pool-of-radiance-textile-house-skull-crusher4. Skullcrusher: Cadorna’s hired man is chained up here if you free him he will join your band until you renter New Phlan.

5. Graffiti: “Skullcrusher Was Here” is carved into the wall.

6. Baby Hobgoblins: They will flee when you are spotted

7. Dead Hobgoblin: Skullcrusher killed him with his bare hands.

8. Secret Door: If Skullcrusher is in your party he will point out the secret door to the east.

9 Ogre Leader and Cadorna Family Treasure: After killing the ogre leader you will acquire Cadorna’s family treasure which consists of various valuable items jewels and most importantly the gauntlets of ogre power (set strength of wearer to 18(00)). You can choose one of three options on how to deal with the treasure:

  1. Return it as is to Cadorna for your reward.
  2. Break the seal and take all the treasure for yourself, Cadorna will know but it won’t actually make a difference to the game.
  3. Take the treasure to the Thieves Guild who will take half the currency (leaving you the gauntlets) and replace the seal. You can then take the chest to the council and be rewarded for it’s return.

10. Exit to Podol Plaza

11. Exit to Mendor’s Library

12. Exit to Wilderness