Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: The Slums

The Slums should be the first area that the adventures explore after buying equipment and preparing spells in the civilised areas. The towns people have reclaimed the Civilised section of New Phlan and have reinforced the walls between them and the other areas (including the slums) which are still controlled by monsters. Your goal here is to “clear” the area by completing all numbered encounters and defeating 15 random encounters allowing the settlers to expand further into the city.


1. Orcs: Four Orcs arguing over a piece of paper which is actually a scroll with cure light wounds on it (in the loot it after the battle)

2. Goblin Arms Master and his Students: Have detect magic ready to use to find the Leather Armour +1 in the loot.

3. Ohlo the Magic User: Ohlo a magic user will offer you an assignment to go get a potion from the rope guild for him. If you get him the pool-of-radiance-ohlopotion from location 15 he rewards you with a random magic item. If you attack him his army of monsters defend him and he drops a wand of magic missiles.

4. Stable: Search the room to find 20 arrows +1, and a short bow +1 in a leather satchel

5.Kobolds: After the fight make sure to loot the Bracers of AC 6

6. Secret Treasure Room: Treasure Is behind the illusionary wall to the east search to find  20 arrows +1, and a short bow +1

7. Hobgoblins: Search the room after the combat to find their treasure which includes a Short Bow +1 and a Ring of Protection +1pool-of-radiance-fortune-teller

8. Gypsy: She will read your fortune. If you attack her, it will enrage the monsters In the slums and make the random encounters much tougher.

9. Orcs: The loot after the fight includes a Flail +1.

10. Monster Guards: Large battle with Orcs no special treasure

11. Monster Leaders: The leaders include two Ogres, no special treasurepool-of-radiance-monster-leaders

12. Goblin Guards: This is a tough fight. Try to cast a sleep spell on the goblin leaders to reduce the enemy archery.

13. Hidden Loot: Search this room for the treasure that the goblins were guarding (Shield +1 and a scroll of magic missile). You can safely rest in this room.

14. The Entrance to the Old Rope Guild: The random encounters inside the old rope guild are tougher than those outside. It is safer to defeat all 15 random encounters before entering the rope guild.

15. Ohio’s Potion: The man here will give you Ohlo’s potion if you tell him Ohlo’s name.pool-of-radiance-slum-tro

16. Trolls and Ogres Tossing Things: Very tough fight don’t be afraid to hire help for this fight or come back when you’re a higher level. Loot from the battle includes random magical items.

17. Entrance to Kuto’s Well

18. Entrance to Civilised Area / New Phlan