Pool of Radiance Walkthrough: Zhentil Keep Outpost

You will be sent to the outpost as emissaries of New Phlan by Councilman Candora to deliver a magically sealed diplomatic pouch to the Commandant. Whilst this sounds like a straightforward mission Candora’s actual plan is to ally himself with the Zhentarim to gain power in Phlan and he wants to remove your party as a future threat to this goal. The pouch you are delivering contains Candora’s alliance proposal and instructions for the commandant to murder your party as proof of acceptance. You are effectively walking into a giant trap on this mission so be prepared.pool-of-radiance-outpost-of-zhentil-keep

  pool-of-radiance-zhentil-keep-cadorna1. The Front Gate: You can exit the outpost into the wilderness here.

2. Guard Towers: These towers are full of guards.

3. Commandant’s Quarters: Upon entering the keep you will be escorted here to meet the commandant.

4. The Party’s Quarters: You will be taken here to rest before and after dinner. Make sure to set a guard after dinner to stop the Zhents from attacking you in your sleep. After winning the fight and exiting your room the entire outpost will start attacking you. If you proceed straight to the exit you might avoid the larger fights. Otherwise you will eventually encounter two large waves. The first one will contain a dwarf who drops Gauntlets of Ogre Power. The second and final wave will be lead by the commandant and drops Plate Mail +2, Shield +1, Long Sword +2, Two Rings of Fire Resistance, Three Potions of Extra Healing, Bracers of AC 3, and a Javelin of Lightning and a Wand of Lightning. After the commandant is defeated the Zhents abandon the outpost and you can safely leave.

pool-of-radiance-zhentil-keep-commandant5. Barracks: If you try and force your way into here the guards will attack.

6. Stables: These smell and contain nothing of interest.

7. Climbable Wall: If you get to one of these point quickly after the party is attacked you can climb the wall and escape into the wilderness without too many battles. However you will miss out on some good loot by doing so.