Curse of the Azure Bonds Walkthrough: Introduction

curse-of-the-azure-bonds-title-screenThe sequel to Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds allows you to import your characters from the last game so they can continue their adventure. It also adds several features to game including:

  • Additional classes (paladin and ranger) which are choose able by humans only.
  • A dual class option is added for human character only under the “Human change classes” option in training halls. When used the character changes classes restarting as a level one. However once the new class reaches a higher level in the new class they regain the abilities earned in the previous one.
  • The Gold Box engine has been upgraded with some quality of life improvements like the “Fix” command that automatically casts and memorises your healing spells cutting down the micromanagement of post combat.

Creating your party: A change from Pool of Radiance is that with the benefits of no level cap and dual class humans are now the more powerful option with other races having limited viability (something that will only get worse as the series progresses. A sample party that could be used in the adventure is:

  • Human Paladin
  • Human Paladin
  • Dwarf Fighter / Thief
  • Elf Fighter / Mage
  • Human Fighter / Cleric (Dual Class*)
  • Human Fighter / Mage (Dual Class*)

*Pick human for theses characters at creation and immediately dual class them using the “Human change class” option at the training hall


How to Play on Modern Systems: Whilst the Amiga version of the game is superior in both sound and graphics, to get it running you will need an emulator along with some skill to configure it correctly. If you don’t already have such a setup the easiest accessible version of the game is the remastered MS-DOS one which is available for purchase from GOG.

An advantage to using the GOG version is that you will be able to use the excellence Gold Box Companion add on. The features that this program adds to the game are too numerous to list but include auto mapping, HUD display and will give you quality of life improvements not available till latter games in the series.

Other Details:

  • Game Setting: Dalelands, Forgotten Realms
  • First Published: 1989
  • Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc
  • Engine: Gold Box
  • Released Platforms: Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, C64, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, NEC PC-9801