Champions of Krynn Walkthrough: Introduction

Champions of Kyrnn IntroChampions of Krynn is the first in a 3 part series of games located in the Dragonlance franchise making use of the iconic SSI “Gold Box” game engine.

This is a more narrative hence linear game than some of it’s predecessors, set in after the War of the Lance the party must investigate a plot by the recently defeated evil armies. As with other games in the Goldbox series you gain the ability to export your party to future adventures. It has been updated for use in modern systems by the GOG team.

Use the information on this site to help those adventurers both new and returning in their quest to foil the plans of the Dark Queen and her evil armies.

Game Setting: Ansalon, Dragonlance

First Published: 1990

Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc

Engine: Gold Box

Released Platforms: Amiga, Apple II, C64, MS-DOS

How to Play on Modern Systems: Whilst the Amiga version of the game is superior in both sound and graphics, to get it running you will need an emulator along with some skill to configure it correctly. If you don’t already have such a setup the easiest accessible version of the game is the remastered MS-DOS one which is available for purchase from GOG.

An advantage to using the GOG version is that you will be able to use the excellence Gold Box Companion add on. The features that this program adds to the game are too numerous to list but include auto mapping, hud display and will give you quality of life improvements not available till latter games in the series.

Party Creations: When creating a party it is best to include a balance of the four classic classes (Fighter, Thief, Mage and Cleric). A sample party with a good balance of all classes is:

  • Human Knight of Solamnia – A Knights will be¬† needed for a quest
  • Human Knight of Solamnia – To be replaced with a Paladin in future games
  • Kender Multiclass Cleric (Mishakel) / Thief – Useful for there taunt ability
  • Qualinesti Elf Multiclass Fighter / Cleric (Mishakel) / White Mage(Neutral Good) – a good all round character and strong healer
  • Qualinesti Elf Multiclass Fighter / Cleric (Majere) / White Mage (Neutral Good) – a good all round character and strong undead destroyer
  • Qualinesti Elf Multiclass Fighter / Thief / Red Mage (True Neutral) – good for backstabbing and when illusion spells are required

Kyrnn Party Icons

Using this party will give you the muscle that is required to defeat the more dangerous enemies, enough clerics for the Inevitable healing and mages to disable weaker monsters or destroy them with fireballs at latter levels. Whilst advancing levels will be slow this party can be used for all the games in the series.